The new 7-storey parking building equipped with a food court was inaugurated on October 28 while celebrating Youth Pladge Day and at the same time holding panel discussions, entertainment from Student Choir Sapta Gita Jaya and fasion shows from USM students.

The panel discussion in “The Meaning of Youth Pladge in Nationalism” was attended by the Chairperson of the Undip Alumni Foundation Prof. Dr. Muladi, The Mayor of Semarang City Hendrar Prihadi, and Deputy Governor of Indonesian Police Academic who is also an alumni of USM Magister of Law Police Brigjen. Agus Salim MH and also Student Executive Board (BEM) and the Legislative Body or Semarang City Student Council and USM students, Prof. Muladi, said that young people have a strong sense of nationalism.

The entrenchment of some of the young generation in the millennial era with the jargon of globalization that overrides nationalism, for this reason it is necessary to foster a sense of nationalism.

“Globalization is not merely a choice, but must make globalization as a material for national development, we take advantage of it and increase the sense of nationalism even in the global era and understand the ideology of the Pancasila ideology,” Muladi said.

“The ideology of Pancasila as a refuge when facing the danger of nationalism because the Indonesian state was formed with a very long historical process with a strong philosophical foundation” he added. (*)

The head of the USM II parking building construction, Ir Soeharsojo IPU said “the 1,800 motorcycle parking building is equipped with discussion rooms, wifi, canteen, and parks.

Technically, motorcycle parking is located on the 2nd floor to the 6th floor. While on the 1st floor is used for USM foodcourt. “The canteen on the first floor has 44 booths. While the 7th and 8th floors are for meeting rooms that can be used by 300 people,” he said. According to him, the construction of this building took not too long. Ie, only 110 days. With the construction costs reaching Rp. 24 billion.

Hopefully with this parking building can provide satisfaction for students, lecturers, employees or the USM community from complaints so far where parking is not proportional to the number of students can be solved.