Semarang University


Semarang University (USM) is a private higher educational institution which was established in 1987 by Alumni of Diponegoro University. As a part of plural city that has many cultures, Semarang University (USM) is an ideal place to meet people from different culture. It is also a perfect place for everyone who wants to study in an adventurous atmosphere with different people. USM has exciting environment and a sport center with complete facilities. Semarang University is the best choice to go when you want to study abroad. The university is going to be an international university by hosting students from abroad. We offer experienced academic and administrative support for the exchanging and visiting students who want to study in these following faculties.


Faculty of Economics

  • Diploma in Management
  • Undergraduate degree in Management
  • Undergraduate degree in Accounting

Faculty of Law

  • Undergraduate degree in Law

Faculty of Engineering

  • Undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering
  • Undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering
  • Undergraduate degree in Urban Planning

Faculty of Agriculture Technology

  • Undergraduate degree in Agriculture Technology

Faculty of Psychology

  • Undergraduate degree in Psychology

Faculty of Informatics Technology and Communication

  • Undergraduate degree in Information System
  • Undergraduate degree in Informatics Technology
  • Undergraduate degree in Communication Science

Post Graduate Program

  • Master degree in Management
  • Master degree in Law


  • To provide a comfortable place to study with some kind of books and to access the resources, USM library has more than 50.000 books. Students can use free E-Journal to get international access for International Journal in more than 5 Websites. This situation makes student, lecturer and staff learn, think, meet and discuss with the unlimited sources.


  • Not just a place to develop their knowledge, USM also provides a facility to give guideline for their students in looking for a job. Some students also can do Internship in USM, or the other USM’s company partner.


  • With a large area, USM Sport Hall provides: Badminton, Volley Ball, Basket Ball, and Gymnastic. The capacity of this hall is about 1500 people, with a complete and the latest facilities.


  • Semarang University supports every classroom with Free Wi-Fi, Air Conditioner, LCD Projector, and the comfortable seat.


  • All campus area buildings offer wireless connectivity. Campus has fully converged network infrastructure.


  • To develop English ability, Semarang University provides a unit that works on English training and developing for students, lecturers, employees and the surrounding.


  • The Student club is a center for representing students on academic and activities range. It also provides many social and cultural activities with various clubs and associations. In Semarang University, there are about 40 Students Activity Unit (UKM) and Students Organization (ORMA) such as University Student Choir, Fokus (Fotografi Komunitas Universitas Semarang), Canopus (Cinematography), etc.


  • Give you access to open or do transaction with your account for 24 hours. The ATM Banks that are available in Semarang University are BNI, Bank Jateng ,and BRI.


  • It provides large places for our students to held formal and informal event. We can hold seminar, workshop, Training and Educating, Music Event, or Exhibition.


  • There are 2 Canteens Building in USM, the students can get the food or snacks easily and confortable, and have launch time and dinner time.


  • The parking building consist 4 floors area which is served to the students.

HALTE BRT/ Stop Bus (Bus Rapid Trans) USM

  • In front of the campus area, there is stop area of BRT USM that the students can easily access the transportation.