Located in the Auditorium Ir. Widjatmoko Semarang University on Tuesday night (9/7). Semarang University in the framework of the 32nd Anniversary held an International Symposium with the theme “Establishing a world class university”. Presenting speakers from Boston University USA Assoc Prof. Magaly Koch, Monash University Australia Assoc Prof. Jennifer Oxley, and USM Founding Chair Prof. Dr. H. Muladi SH with moderator Datuk Dr. Sabri Mohamad Sharif from UTeM Malaysia the event was opened by Chancellor Andy Krisdasusila.

According to him, Semarang University is currently collaborating with international researchers so that the University of Semarang can advance and improve its quality in academia and technology so that it can go international so as to make students and lecturers proud. “With the well-established overseas cooperation we hope that lecturers and students can take advantage of this cooperation by increasing joint reseach,” he said.

“USM has established cooperation with UTem Malaysia, National Dong Hwa University in Taiwan, Boston University USA, Tufft University USA and others, and we will continue to improve this international cooperation,” he added.

While the Chairperson of the Undip Alumni Foundation Prof. Dr. Muladi SH said that the results of this activity USM did not only talk about local or national issues, but also international issues such as international standard universities known as world class universities. “Currently universities in Indonesia that are categorized as world class universities are still small, for that we must be able to standardize internationally, we must not feel great, cooperation with foreign countries must be improved both in the fields of research, service, Indonesian culture, and human rights studies. , “Muladi said.

“Our target is to enter both the institution and the quality of students as well as the curriculum, research and culture, both academic culture, so universities as learning organizations in the past and future, not only great individual abilities that are enhanced but must share power, dialogue, team learning and a systems approach to achieving the same goals “he added.

In addition, Muladi continued, transparency, control and transformation of values ​​must be seen as a unity or national resilience must also be considered. “If we have a good reputation, it will attract foreign students to come to USM, and we also join in reseach with foreign universities, this is one indicator to achieve world class universities,” Muladi added.

Interestingly in this event moderator Dr. Sabri Mohamad Sharif picked the words of wisdom from the First President of Indonesia Sukarno “fly your ambitions to the stars, dream as high as the sky, at least when you fall you will fall between the stars”. Sabri added about Bloomberg’s prediction that in 2030 Indonesia would become the fourth major country in the world in the economic sector after China, the US and India.

“With this series of events, it is hoped to be one way to get to world class universities,” added Sabri.