Semarang has a tropical rainforest climate that borders on a tropical monsoon climate. It is approximately 2800 mm of rain annually. The average temperatures in the city are relatively consistent, hovering around 28 degrees Celsius.


Semarang is divided into two major landscapes; they are upland and lowland Semarang. Lowland Semarang is center of the city; it formerly was the sea that was getting sedimentation from the streams contained from upland Semarang.

Cost Of Living

The cost of living varies depending on the students’ life style. Minimum living cost in Semarang for student is about Rp.2.400.000/ month. It covers meal and stay.


In Aviation, Semarang has Ahmad Yani International Airport that connects international flights from Southeast Asia Countries and domestic flights from all around Indonesia. Airflight is the best way to travel to the another island in Indonesia.

For land transportation, there is two train stations connects Semarang with all of regions in Java island. Indonesian Train consists of three comfortable subclasses for passenger preference. You can also using bus for short or long trip by looking up credible agents.

Local transportation in Semarang City is quite variety. The most integrated public transportation with affordable rate is Trans Semarang Bus, this bus rapid transit route can be found in In the other hand, there are online taxi using motorbike and car for those who need more practical and flexible public transportation.


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