Joint International Summer Camp 2022: Surviving the Pandemic, Learning from Local People

International Office of Universitas Semarang held Joint International Summer Camp on Local Potential for Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery on 13-14 July 2022. This was the first offline Summer Camp organized after the COVID-19 outbreak. It was conducted in Semarang and Salatiga Regency. Local and international students from partner universities in Central Java joined to study related to Javanese culture and entrepreneurship.

Participants showed their enthusiasm during the program. They enjoyed Karawitan Class on the first day of program. Karawitan is a Javanese musical art which requires a group of musician to play gamelan (traditional music instrument) that can be found and learnt at Universitas Semarang. Furthermore, they felt amazed to overstay in a tent and experience the outdoor activity in Salatiga.

The next day of program, participants learnt about traditional food that is used and sold as people’s living in a district of Salatiga. They visited home industries and cooked cassava product. Learning how people produce cassava product from planting to selling would give them the new insight how Indonesian people survive from pandemic effect particularly in economic aspect.

The last but not least they learned about Javanese traditional beverage called jamu. Faculty of Agricultural Product showed participants how to cook jamu from herbs. Participants get very delightful to join this activity. They are eager to join the next Summer Program.