Preparing for Industry 5.0, USM Collaboration with Malaysia’s UTeM

Preparing for Industry 5.0, USM Collaborates with Malaysia’s UTeM

USM Chancellor, Andy Kridasusila SE MM with Prof. Dr. Juhaini Binti West Java, Dean of the Faculty of Management Technology and Technopreneurship Signed a Letter of Collaboration.

SEMARANG, – University of Semarang (USM) through the International Office (IO) Collaborates with Malaysia Technical University, Melaka. The collaboration was carried out with the signing of the Letter of Collaboration between USM Chancellor, Andy Kridasusila and Juhaini Binti Jabar, Dean of the Faculty of Management Technology and Technopreneurship, which was held in Building V, USM, recently.

Chairman of the International Office, Devy Angga Gunantar said, this collaboration activity was a form of internationalization of tertiary institutions in preparation for accreditation. Including steps in preparing to face 5.0. “We are cooperating with UTeM, of course further implementation will be carried out related to research, service, lecturer staff exchange and including students,” he said. “In the future, collaborative research between USM Management and UTeM is because there are a number of studies developing in that direction,” he added.

In an effort to prepare USM students for the Industrial Revolution 5.0, a seminar entitled “Economic Towards Industry 5.0” was also held, which was attended by more than 200 USM Faculty of Economics students.

In this Early moderated activity, Anggreini SS MHum presented expert speakers in the field of economics, Prof. Dr. Juhaini Binti West Java, Dean of the Faculty of Management Technology and Technopreneurship and Dr. Siti Nor Baya Binti Yahaya from Malaysia Technical University Melaka.

Prof. Juhaini gave an insight in facing the phenomenon of the Industrial Revolution 5.0, students must have an awareness in entrepreneurship, “Because Industry 5.0 occurs when you allow customers to adjust what they want,” he said.

The review was also introduced to the concept of A-I-U-E-O. Awaranes, Encourage, Inculcate, Open Own Business and Ultimate Entrepreneur. “Awareness of being an entrepreneur is very important because students are encouraged to become job creators rather than job seekers after graduating,” he said.

While Dr. Norbaya stressed the importance of improving skills, upgrading student skills so that they can compete in an era of technological progress. (JB / Arf)