Universitas Semarang

Established on 23 June 1987 as Politeknik Semarang by Universitas Diponegoro Alumni Foundation. In 1994, Politeknik Semarang officially was converted to a university with the name Universitas Semarang (USM in abbreviated). Located in the multicultural city, Semarang, Central Java Province, it sets within 6.85 acres near the downtown.

USM boasts strengths in science, technology, and social fields. The university offers academic programs at Diploma, Bachelor, and Masters. Currently it has six faculties which provide in-depth specialization in each field. The faculties are:

    1. Faculty of Law
    2. Faculty of Engineering
    3. Faculty of Economics
    4. Faculty of Agricultural Technology
    5. Faculty of Informatics and Communication Technology
    6. Faculty of Psychology

USM currently has a total of almost 22,000 students enrolled from all over the country. There are international students who pursuing their bachelor’s degree in USM. For enhancing the students’ international exposure, USM holds programs that involve international students and professors annually. USM supports students to make achievements at academic and non-academic levels (sports and arts).

Along with USM objective to be the excellent university in 2024, USM’s research supports the development of local and national communities by developing research in the fields of science, humanities, and technology. USM will continue to strive to develop all potential to continually benefit the community and the world.