This scholarship program is designed for foreign students only whom Universitas Semarang financially supports to pursue either undergraduate or postgraduate programs.

Scholarship submissions for the academic year of 2023/2024 are now open.

Scholarship Coverage

 The awardee will receive tuition fee waiver (entry, fixed & variable) for 8 semesters, including:

  • Registration Fee
  • Building Fund
  • Tuition Fee for Each Semester
  • Student Card issuance fee
  • Facilities & Infrastructure fee
  • Fieldwork fee
  • Community Development Program fee
  • Thesis Guidance fee
  • Thesis Examination fee
  • TOEFL fee
  • Computer Course & Examination fee
  • Faculty Convocation
  • University Convocation


The cost list which is NOT in the scholarship coverage are listed below.

Immigration Fees:

  • Visa Fees (visa approval fee and Student Visa fee)
  • Immigration Stay Permits (ITAS) cost



  • Round trip airfare from the origin country to Indonesia and domestic travel to/from Semarang,
  • Daily transportation during the study in Universitas Semarang.



  • Transit hotel during the trip to/from Semarang
  • Boarding house or dormitory rent in Semarang
  • Laundry



  • Daily meals, groceries, and its kind


 Health and Care:

  • Medical examinations & treatments during your trip from home country and your study in Semarang.
  • Drugs, supplements, and activities (gym/sport activities) that support your health.


Book and Internet:

  • Books and literature for your study
  • Internet and telephone during your study.



  • Academics activities, namely: internship, professional placement, student exchange and international exposure
  • Any other academic activities which are not covered in the International Student Scholarship.

All Study programs available for this scholarship.

General Requirements

A High school graduate in the academic year of 2022/2023 or before that period

The candidate should be 21 years old at maximum.

Documents Requirements

    1. Candidates must prepare the documents as required:
    2. Scan of High School Diploma
    3. Scan of Academic Score Transcript
    4. Scan of Scholarship Application Essay. The essay talks about:
      1. Reason to join this scholarship,
      2. Reason to choose the study program.
    5. Scan of International English Proficiency Test Certificate Equivalent to:
      1. TOEFL PBT/ITP 450 or above for ICEP & IIEP (TOEFL CBT: 130; TOEFL IBT 0-120: 45 or IELTS: 5)
      2. TOEFL PBT/ITP 470 or above for IFAP, IBMP, ICP (TOEFL CBT: 150; TOEFL IBT 0-120: 52 or IELTS: 5.5)
    6. Scan of Passport valid for more than 18 Months (cover and identity page)
    7. Original File of Candidate Formal Photograph
    8. Scan of COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate (complete dose)
    9. Scan of Statement Letter About Health Insurance and Quarantine Protocol for International Flight

All documents must be in English and format in PDF or JPG. Please make sure your documents are readable.


  • Submission

November – 14 April 2023

  • Document Selection Announcement

8 May 2023

  • Interview

15 – 17 May 2023

  • Final Announcement

22 May 2023

  • Permits Affairs

29 May – 21 July 2023

  • Academic Registration

3 – 4 August 2023

  • Arrival in Indonesia

1 – 4 August 2023

  • First Lecture

21 August 2023*)

Rules, Restrictions, and Facility

  1. The awardees must not commit a felony.
  2. The awardees must obey Indonesian laws and Regulations.
  3. The awardees must obey the University’s Rules and Regulations.
  4. The awardees are in possession of health insurance/travel insurance which covers all medical expenses.
  5. The awardees will not marry during the scholarship period.
  6. The awardees will not ask for any scholarship or refugee asylum from Indonesia Government.
  7. Once admitted by one study program/faculty, transfer to another study program/faculty is strictly prohibited.
  8. Being punctual and focused on passing all courses offered in their program to enhance the academic outcome. Periodic assessments aim to evaluate awardees’ eligibility to continue the program.
  9. If the awardees fail to achieve a cumulative GPA 3.00, the scholarship will be discontinued.
  10. The scholarship will be discontinued if the awardees fail to finish the study in 8 (eight) semesters.
  11. The awardees are willing to participate in academic and non-academic activities held by the study program, faculty, or university.
  12. During Covid-19 Pandemic, the awardees are prohibited from entering Indonesian territory without permission from Universitas Semarang.
  13. The awardees are willing to be monitored by the health authority according to Indonesian health protocol laws and regulations.
  14. Visa and Stay Permits (ITAS) fee borne by the awardees.
  15. The awardees will be accompanied in choosing a boarding house if needed.


For Your Information. The awardees’ parent/guardian must provide a bank statement stating that they have US$2,000 as a requirement for visa application (based on Permenkumham Number 29 Year 2021).

Resigning, Completing, and Returning Policy

  1. Dropping all courses or resigning from the scholarship program, students must refund the scholarship. If students consider quitting from USM Scholarships Programme due to unforeseen circumstances, contact the International Office for further assistance.
  2. Temporary return home when the program is ongoing due to emergency or personal reasons is subject to the university’s approval (Dean Permission). If permitted, the awardees may return home for a maximum of 30 days and keep the university updated. Please be advised that failure to report to the university or exceed the permitted leaving period will be considered a resignation from the USM Scholarships Programme. Hence, the scholarship will be terminated.
  3. Return home after program completion and be marked on the graduation ceremony. The awardees must leave the Indonesian territory within 30 days after the graduation ceremony. The awardees must apply for Exit Permit Only (EPO) and book the ticket by submitting their passport to the International Office at least 2 weeks before departure.
  4. Returning home because of failing to complete the program will be marked on the confirmed dropped-out from Academic Affairs. The awardees must apply for Exit Permit Only (EPO) and book the ticket by submitting their passport to International Office at least 2 weeks before departure.
  5. Return home permanently because of a law-breaking situation, chronic or terminal illness (based on an official diagnosis prepared by a certified physician), or misdemeanour will be treated as a failure to complete the program.


  1. Download the Submission Form

You must download the form below. Fill out the form. Attach it to your submission email.

  1. Submit Your Application

Send all your required documents in one email. Please send to email: with subject: Submission – Undergraduate/Postgraduate – Your Full Name