USM Internship Program

Semarang University invites international students to join an internship program at our university for one month. Within the internship program, you can apply academic knowledge, develop competencies for careers and community service, explore career options, gain field experience, and earn credits towards graduation (if applicable, not all study programs offer credit).

We offer three types of internships, including:

    1. Laboratory internship (LI)
    2. Faculty internship (FI)
    3. International office internship (IOI)

The duties and assignments for this position will be those described in the orientation program.


  • Living cost up to a maximum of IDR 2.000.000/month (this amount is sufficient for student living)
  • Accommodation
  • Bicycle
  • Bahasa Indonesia course (BIPA) – if fit to the scheduled program

Who can apply?

  • Non-Indonesian citizen
  • Undergraduate or Graduate student
  • Fresh graduate (max. one year from the date of application)

Required documents

  • Copy of passport
  • Medical check-up/Health certificate
  • Letter of Recommendation from Faculty or University (for active students)
  • Degree certificate (for fresh graduates)
  • Photograph (2-inch x 2-inch, with 80% face)
  • Letter of the statement of a foreign citizen (please download in the attachment below and fill in the form)

How to apply?

Please fill out the application form below and complete all the required documents.


—Internship Application Form—