International Office USM

The International Office of Semarang University (USM) was started for some purposes:

    1. It aims to enhance the international partnership of Semarang University (USM) so that the university can become part of the international world. It includes partnership initiation, formation of international associations, agreement signing, and partnership visitation.
    2. It has a responsibility to introduce USM to the world. International promotion is done through leaflets, websites, and events.
    3. It facilitates the mobility of staff, students, and researchers abroad. IO provides information about studying abroad. It assists in receiving students abroad, managing stay permits, and supporting visa and passport handling. International Office is now under the direct supervision of the Rector.

Satuan International Office Team

Head of International Office: Mr. Faisal Yusuf, B.A., M.M., M.B.A.
Staff of International Office: Imaniar R. Amalia
Liaison Officer: Mirza Yuliana Pratiwi
Hospitality Division: Icha Nabila Viakhsany Hapsari
Media Division: Lukman Hakim
USMEC Division: Restianti Sukma
Event Division: Sinta Oktafiani