Campus Facilities


Providing various kinds of books, journals, and literature for every field of science and digital resources easily accessible.

Careers Centre

USM Careers Center is a place to establish partnerships with industrial companies. It also nurtures students in developing both social and employability skills that are essential for careers development.

Sport Hall

USM provides some sports halls to support students and staff activities. International standard of sport hall to hold national and international championships. Comfortable basketball court and expected water sport centre in USM Tower.


Semarang University facilitates every classroom with internet access and multimedia technology to support the learning process.


Hi-Tech Area

All campus areas are covered with high-speed internet access.


Bina Bahasa Jaya

Bina Bahasa Jaya (BBJ) is a unit for foreign and Indonesian language development for students, academic staff, and the community. BBJ conducts a prediction Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) for USM students and the community. It is also the best place to learn about the Indonesian Language for international students.


Student Club and Associations

The student club is a center for representing students on academic and activities range. It also provides many social and cultural activities with various clubs and associations. There are about 40 Students Activity Unit (UKM) such as traditional dance, choir, Javanese music instruments, traditional & modern martial art and many more and also Students Organization (ORMA) – students’ associations for learning about leadership.

Bank and ATM

To ease banking activities, USM has collaborated with three banks – BNI, BRI and Bank Jateng to operate in the campus area. It also has 24 hours accessible automatic teller machines.

USM Auditorium and Hall

Suitable venue to conduct seminar, workshop, training, exhibition and also informal events with hi-end technology and comfort places.

Food Court

Find Indonesian Cuisine in USM during your study in clean, modern, comfortable canteens and affordable prices.

Parking Building

USM provides two parking buildings for student and staff convenience.


USM Bus Stop

Bus Rapid Transit is an integrated public transportation system provided by the regional government. USM in collaboration with the government built the bust stop in front of USM Campus to support student transportation.